I'm Guillermo.

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I attend church most Sundays. I, and the woman I love, have created several people. I spend my weekdays helping other people add code to the WWW. I sometimes use words to form strange phrases and — more frequently — full, mundane sentences.

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I aggregate all of my social media activity because I can. You can see more below.

What do you mean you don't remember? by Nate Barga...
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Continuous Delivery

The source code is stored in GitHub in a repository entitled andrae. Codeship is used to run tests against builds and deploy the code to multiple environments.

The Front-end

This presentation layer of this site is written in valid HTML, Less, and JavaScript. A free Bootstrap theme called Grayscale was used as the site's starting point. Bower is used to manage the dependencies, which include jQuery, Font Awesome, and others listed in the bower.json file.

The Back-end

The Lumen PHP micro-framework was used to develop the server-side code. Composer is used to manage the dependencies, which include PHPUnit, Guzzle, and others detailed in the composer.json file.

The Infrastructure

Several of the services provided by AWS are being used to support this site, including: Route53, Elastic Beanstalk (and several supporting services such as EC2, ELB, etc.), and DynamoDb. Zapier sends all of my social network activity to the API.


My inbox is cluttered; if you'd like to get in touch, do so at one of the following places: